Get some vagina!

This picture circulated on the internet around the time of the Pussy Riot protests (which, is a topic we might discuss some other time), but for now, let’s focus on the image:

It is The Perfect Example on how the most degrading thing you can do to a man today is feminize him. Call Putin a Pussy – what a clever insult! – and slap some make-up on him – haha how funny he looks now!

Putting a suit on someone and saying they have balls is a compliment. Putting make-up on someone and saying they are/have a pussy is an insult. How incredibly witty.

One of the worst insults for a little boy is to be called a girl, a sissy, a pussy, and for older boys or men, a vagina. But who are you actually insulting? Not really the boy. You’re insulting the girls, the sissies, the pussies.

And it doesn’t make any sense at all!

Balls are fragile little things, exposed to harm and sensitive to pain. Any man who’s gotten punched in the crotch can vividly explain to you how horrible it is.

They know

A vagina on the other hand has a lot of strong muscles and can expand to the size of a baby skull. Present a vagina with some fisting and it might even enjoy it!

Oh how I would love to hear people admiringly say „s/he is such a pussy!“ about a person who’s strong and brave.

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