Androgynous Autumn Style

Did you notice it’s autumn already? You probably did. I didn’t, but I’m from Sweden, and as long as it’s more than 20 degrees it can’t be anything but summer in my mind. I have noticed though that it’s dark when I go home from work, that the leaves are not so fresh anymore, and the other day I did bring home some chestnuts I found in the park.

And what’s more awesome than pumpkins and cozy blankets and Halloween parties and tea? I would like to say: nothing!, but in my list of autumn-delights there is one big winner: autumn clothes. This is when you feel that you need a knitted scarf, a cardigan, and long pants again. When you can wear closed shoes without getting sweaty toes, and need something to keep your head warm. I do love flowery skirts too, and admittedly all the seasons have their own clothing-charms (except winter! I hate winter!), but since I came to Austria and experienced how warm the autumn can be, I have fallen helplessly in love.

My favorite sports include: window-shopping, fleemarket diving and the occasional race up and down Mariahilfer Straße. I also work in a clothing store, and there are some queer trends that I have observed, as the sleeveless dresses slowly make their way back into the party-sections only. The autumn fashion is above all androgynous this year, which all the tomboys and tomboyfemmes and femmebois and whatever you want to be, should totally take advantage of. T-shirts and jeans might be easy and comfortable, but why not class it up a little bit?

Oxford shoes and classic lace-up ankle boots are everywhere, with or without wingtips, with or without heels. They look great with almost everything, and come at almost any price, depending on where you get them. If you are uncomfortable wearing leather, most vegan shoe shops have already caught up and stock their own, and because it’s such a timeless style, you can also find great ones second hand.

Button-up shirts – now for real! How many times haven’t you been in the women’s shirt section and desperately tried to find a good nice shirt where the top button is not absent? And how many times have you left empty-handed and outraged and asked yourself: why!? Now, finally, the main clothing chains have realized that it doesn’t take much effort to put in that extra button, and we can also wear well-fitted shirts without exposing cleavage (or just have the choice, you know, to sometimes not button it all the way). Many shirts are square-cut and will look wonderfully androgynous, and many shirts are just a little bit see-through and will look amazingly sexy with a black bra underneath. Tuck it in your pants, or let it all hang out! If you like bow-ties, the time is now.

Blazers. Thin ones, thicker ones, but many and more are suddenly not so tight-waisted and don’t scream business-woman, they are – like the shirts – more square-cut than they used to. Thinner arms or rolled-up sleeves, perhaps lining in some awesome color, short and long, shoulder pads or no – variations are many, and so are the colors. This is also a very classic and timeless style, so the chances of finding something second hand are great. Especially since it doesn’t really matter if the blazer is a bit too big – actually, this can make it look even better.

Hats! Huge black ones, english schoolboy caps, and fedoras. Yes, fedoras! (don’t you just love that word?) They are a great way to add a twist to an otherwise feminine outfit, or just that little extra, to look like you made an effort and didn’t just throw on whatever you found in the dark while trying not to wake your girlfriend up. One awesome bonus to the extra awesomeness of a hat is that it covers up the worst of hairdays. And you can give it a little flip and everyone will swoon, or take it off to greet people for gentlewoman points. I, for one, would just love that.

Check out the gallery for some more inspiration, and remember that in case of not knowing what to wear, overdressing is always the better option!

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  1. Vielen Dank für die Inspiration! Was ich schade finde, ist, dass viele androgyne Models immer wieder sehr dünn sind. Fände es schön, hier mehr Vielfalt zu haben :)

    1. Freut mich sehr dass ich inspiration geben könnte ;D Ich habe auch gesucht nach verschiedenen frauen in die blazer/hemd/hut, aber leider ist es so wie du sagst: es ist schwer die größeren androgynen zu finden, was ich auch urschade finde! Danke für dein kommentar, wir werden mehr drauf achten :)

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