A sex tip from medieval Arab lesbians: The Saffron Massage

The internet is amazing and I just found this precious article: Medieval Arab lesbians and lesbian-like women

From a culture less prude than the dark medieval Europe, who would probably have burned records like these if there were any, there are some important books about lesbian relationships and interesting theories about why some women are lesbians. (an itch between the lips?) Read the article for more history, I feel that I don’t know enough to say something about it. Let’s just look at the sexy parts!

Al-Tifashi also provided in his Nuzhat al-albab specific examples of the teachings of famous medieval lesbians, notably on the most successful sounds that ought to accompany lesbian sexual practices.

I’m listening. (This is written by a man, by the way. But I assume women told him what to write, because there is just no way he would know otherwise.) This is a record that dates back to 13th century:

  The tradition between women in the game of love necessitates that the
  lover places herself above and the beloved underneath--unless the
  former is too light or the second too developed: and in this case,
  the lighter one places herself underneath, and the heavier one on
  top, because her weight will facilitate the rubbing, and will allow
  the friction to be more effective. This is how they act: the one that
  must stay underneath lies on her back, stretches out one leg and
  bends the other while leaning slightly to the side, therefore
  offering her opening (vagina) wide open: meanwhile, the other lodges
  her bent leg in her groin, puts the lips of her vagina between the
  lips that are offered for her, and begins to rub the vagina of her
  companion in an up and down, and down and up, movement that jerks the
  whole body. This operation is dubbed "the saffron massage" because
  this is precisely how one grinds saffron on the cloth when dyeing it.
  The operation must focus each time on one lip in particular, the
  right one for example, and then the other: the woman will then
  slightly change position in order to apply better friction to the
  left lip ... and she does not stop acting in this manner until her
  desires and those of her partner are fulfilled. I assure you that it
  is absolutely useless to try to press the two lips together at the
  same time, because the area from which pleasure comes would then not
  be exposed. Finally, let us note that in this game the two partners
  may be aided by a little willow oil, scented with musk.

You’re welcome, modern day lesbians! It couldn’t possibly get more detailed than that. I’m sure you can get willow oil in your favorite organic store. Now go away from the computer and do it medieval style!