Best of: Lesbian Boarding School Movies!

It’s the middle of the school year. Dark and depressing. You don’t want to have to study for all those exams but there is no way out. You can’t drop out now. Only three more semesters and you will have that bachelor…

You dream about another kind of school. A romantic beautiful boarding school, a castle in the forest. Maybe it’s a magic school. Maybe the discipline is strict but at least the girls wear cool uniforms. Maybe it’s an all girls school. There might be lesbians.

I don’t know anyone who actually went to an all girls boarding school. I did however go to an (almost) all girls school for a while, and yes, there were a lot of lesbians. I have very fond memories of my high school time, as you might understand, but this didn’t stop me from dreaming of the boarding schools you get to see in the movies. You know which ones!

Lesbians at boarding school is a popular topic, so I’ve collected some movies for all of you. Sadly, a disproportionate amount of them are tragic, so maybe it will make you cherish your non-boardingschool life more.

Lost and Delirious

Lost & Delirious is the first one that comes to mind. The story is about two girls, at a boarding school, in love, told from their roommates perspective. You might want to just skip the ending, but if you choose to watch all of it, be prepared to cry a lot.

Mädchen in Uniform

The original in this genre. There is the black and white version from the 30’s and then there’s the one with Romy Schneider. Manuela is a new girl at the strict boarding school for girls from rich families, and she immediately falls in love with one of the teachers. My favorite thing with the movie, second to Romy Schneider herself, is that everyone seems to be at least a little bit gay. Like literally all the girls have a crush on the Lehrerin and there is also another cute couple in Manuelas dorm.
I also desperately need to go to a costume party with the theme „Mädchen in Uniform“.


This is a teacher-student love story as well, but here, the teacher falls in love with the student. Very forbidden. Very dramatic. The movie is beautifully shot, I especially enjoyed the swimming scenes. And Eva Green is just amazing.

Maria-Sama ga miteru (The Virgin Mary is watching)

I couldn’t find a trailer with subtitles, I’m sorry.
This is a movie based on an anime based on a manga. I didn’t want to wander into anime in this post because I have too little knowledge, so I just chose to post this one because there is a live action version of it. If you are interested in some girls love anime, add Revolutionary Girl Utena and Strawberry Panic to your list. It might be hard to find subtitles for the movie, but the anime are all over the place.

Loving Annabelle

Teacher and student again! This is a lovely theme. I guess we’ve all had this kind of crush at one point in our lives.


So now most of this list is teacher/student romance in a boarding school setting. You won’t hear me complain though.

Have you seen these movies? Which one do you like the best? And importantly: which boarding school lesbian movies are missing from the list?

8 thoughts on “Best of: Lesbian Boarding School Movies!

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  2. The original film „Mädchen in Uniform“ from 1931 is missing! ;-)

    It is much more exciting and way more thrilling than the somehow sterile and cold version with Romy Schneider from 1958.
    It was shot in 1931, directed by the Jewish (and supposedly lesbian) film director Leontine Sagan and produced by Carl Fröhlich, who later became the Reichsfilmkammerpräsident….
    It also was one of the most successful German film of the year, besides other films of this time like „M“ and highly successful in the US, in Europe and even in Japan.

    There is a DVD edition available since 2010, but you can also watch it on youtube:

    I only know this film because I worked on a paper about Leontine Sagan at University of Vienna. She is one of the first female film directors in Germany, if not the first one.

    Her autobiography is very interesting, well written, entertaining and inspiring („Licht und Schatten: Schauspielerin und Regisseurin auf vier Kontinenten“ Gebundene Ausgabe – März 2010, Michael Eckardt – the English original is also online available).

    When I did my research about Leontine Sagan and her film „Mädchen in Uniform“, I was so impressed with her personality and her very unusual biography that I made a short documentary about her, that you can watch on vimeo if you don’t have the time to read the autobiography (

    But in any case – watch the original film „Mädchen in Uniform“ from 1931 – it is a unique film experience, suspenseful like a modern day thriller and definitely worth it!

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