A Queer History of Fashion

If you’re heading to New York for New Years, don’t miss the opportunity to see the exhibition „A Queer History of Fashion: From the Closet to the Catwalk“. For those of us less fortunate, there is a great homepage and a book that provides hours of entertainment and interesting facts.


The importance of queer men and women in fashion history is something that has been widely ignored. This exhibition shows many different aspects of how queer fashion has changed the cultural norms. Most people will know that some of the most famous high fashion designers were gay. But the exhibition also includes other individuals that have been challenging gender norms in fashion, like Marlene Dietrich, or non famous night club visitors, and thus highlights the fact that subcultures and individuals also influence the fashion trends, not only the designers.

Gladys Bentley

The exhibition focuses on the post-war era, and mixes fashion from catwalks and t-shirts with aids-awareness messages. On the homepage you can see some chosen outfits, and they also have an extensive queer timeline  for those interested in queer history in general and queer fashion history in particular. The twitter and facebook accounts provide more photos of famous designers and individuals challenging the norms.

Dress by famous queer Jean Paul Gaultier
Dress by famous queer Jean Paul Gaultier

And of course, there is the book: A perfect late Christmas gift for yourself or your fashion interested queer friend!

Live Queer not Fear

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