Conchita Wurst – Queen of Europe!

Thank you, Conchita Wurst, for your amazing performance yesterday!

We are so thrilled and happy that you won! Not only because your voice, your song, and your performance were all spot on – but also, because of what it means for Europe.

There have been many steps forward towards tolerance in the last decades, in general, but lately, there has also been a backlash with homophobic and transphobic laws in many countries. Every vote for you was a vote for acceptance and liberation. For tolerance, and peace. And that you won – it was a win for all those things. For every queer person in any country in Europe, it was absolutely fantastic to see you win, because it’s a win we all can share with you. We all won yesterday!

This is truly a historic moment. Europe didn’t only vote for the best song. Europe voted for acceptance.

So to celebrate, I decided to collect some fanart for you! Enjoy!

18.5 – edited to add:
I thought about this some, and then I went to a performance and was hit hard by the words from Denice Bourbon (loosely remembered as something like this): We don’t need your tolerance, or acceptance, we deserve respect.
I realized of course that I had written pretty much exactly the same in my happy bliss after the contest as every other news outlet, and hadn’t thought at all about the language I used. At first I felt embarrassed that I hadn’t even noticed this obvious flaw in my thinking, and just wanted to edit my entry, then I decided to keep it like this and add the commentary instead. And added a note in my mind to think about language some.


3 thoughts on “Conchita Wurst – Queen of Europe!

  1. I don’t think you have to be embarrassed for your choice of words. Queer people had to fight for tolerance (as opposed to outright hatred) for such a long time that I think it’s just now dawning on us that „tolerance“ is actually a fucking joke. It’s not been too long since I realized that and I still find myself using „tolerance“ in my speech even though I know it’s the wrong word, but I’m so used to it. Habits and all that. But, really, fuck tolerance. I don’t want to be „tolerated“. Thank you for adding that comment :D

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