What to do now.

I am not an American. I am a European – an Austrian currently living in London.

Like many, however, I have been deeply shocked by the election of Donald Trump for president ( -> Ok, ladies, now let’s get in formation.)

The last few days I spent reading and analyzing and thinking about what we can all do now. I have read many suggestions by others, added a few bullet points and compiled a list. There surely are many things missing from this list – if you would like something to be added, tell me in a comment and I will.

There will be two parts to this post. The first one, the one you are reading, primarily addresses what people in America can do. The second one will be about what Austrians can do – especially with regard to the upcoming presidential election in Austria. Some things will be on both list, many won’t.

(However, no matter where you are in the world – one thing you can always do is donate to the organizations listed below. They now need support more than ever.)

  • Take care of yourself now. Yes, I am serious and there is a reason this is number one on the list. Trump’s presidential campaign and even more so his win was triggering and re-traumatizing for many. He attacked immigrants, people of colour and women. He is an alleged sexual predator bragging about sexually assaulting women. His rhetorical strategies are those of a prototypical emotional abuser. So, if you are a surviver of emotional and/or sexual violence, racist or xenophobic bullying, misogynist discrimination you might feel like the election of Trump as president legitimizes the sexual and emotional violence and the bullying and the discrimination you have experienced and de-legitimizes your feelings, your experience, your resistance to discrimination. Don’t ever buy into that lie. Take care of yourself now, precisely because you are valuable. Take care of yourself now as an act of resistance. Take time to process what happened. Talk to your therapist if you have one. Talk to your friends. Read blogs and articles and think pieces by people who feel the same. Build support networks online. Reach out for support in real life. Journal. Cry. Be angry. Do whatever you need to do to process through this.
  • Share what you are going through with others. Let them know, they are not alone. Let them know, their grief is valid. Let them know, their sadness is valid, their disappointment and their anger. Write. Blog. Post. Tweet. Don’t be silent. Your feelings are political.
  • Watch this video. In it, Van Jones gives a few very valuable suggestions about what to do next plus a list of topics on which progressives might actually get work done in the next few years.
  • Get health insurance NOW.
  • Stock up on Plan B. (=morning after pills). Do this, even if you are a person who cannot get pregnant – your friends can, your girlfriend can, your sister can. To my knowledge, it is available over the counter for anybody. When reproductive rights are taken away from American women and you do not need the pills yourself or someone you know, donate them to women’s shelters.
  • Save this information and share it with everyone you know: Even if abortion is made illegal, you can induce a relatively safe abortion with a pill originally intended to eleveate post-natal complications. It is available everywhere in the world. Visit womenonweb for all the information you need and medical guidance. Share this page with every woman you know. Bookmark it for yourself or friends.
  • Donate to Women on Web – it is a wonderful NGO helping women to get abortions in countries in which abortion is illegal or not accessible
  • Donate to Planned Parenthood. If you are a real badass like these people, do it in the name of Mike Pence, the man who signed a law forcing women to have funeral for aborted fetuses:  Office of Governor Mike Pence / State House / Room 206 / Indianapolis / IN 46204 – 2797    
  • If you are a trans person and want to change your name – do it as soon as possible. Also: get a passport immediately.  If you cannot afford to get a passport go to Twitter and check the hashtag #translawhelp -to get in touch with attorneys who will help trans people to get passports for free.
  • If you are an activist, expect more surveillance and repression. Be prepared. Educate yourself about encryption.
  • Support investigative journalism by subscribing to newspapers and magazines.
  • Get in touch with Sam Killerman who is currently “[…] starting an underground organization of civilian protectors. A non-violent group we could form on Facebook, and through other social networks, that would also live offline. A network of people who, together, will protest and organize for what’s right, what’s just, what’s humane. If he bans Muslims, we act. If he rounds up immigrants, we act. If he, through executive order or decree, attacks women’s rights, queer rights, or other human rights, we act.” – here is the public mailing list; here you can mail him: sK@hues.xyz
  • Call local women’s and LGBTIQ centers and ask them about their strategies.
  • Call local officials and voice your opinion. Let them know, you do not want to return to the past regarding reproductive rights, LGBTIQ rights, freedom of speech, healthcare,… Let them know you are watching.
  • While we are at it: Wear a safety pin as a sign of solidarity.
  • Take the “ally”- thing much much more seriously. listen to minorities. if you are a man, you need to be a better friend to women now. if you are white, you need to be a better friend to people of colour. if you are straight, you need to be a better friend to lesbians, gays and bisexual people. if you are a cisgender person, you need to be a better friend to transgender people. Love more urgently.
  • Stay connected with friends and neighbours who are immigrants and now threatened by deportation. Support them in any way you can. Stay connected to take action when needed. 
  • Print this out and keep it in your wallet: Deportation Defense Card and share it with everyone you know. Encourage them to do the same.
  • Here are two lists of organizations that need your support now, whether it is by donating or by taking action:

1.  A List of Pro-Women, Pro-Immigrant, Pro-Earth, Anti-Bigotry Organizations That Need Your Support